Patio Furniture Poufs

If you are looking to add some comfort, style, and convenience to your outdoor space we recommend adding poufs! These charming and functional small pieces are a great addition to any space. Below we have provided a few reasons why adding a pouf to your backyard or patio is a great idea!

Easy to Store
One wonderful thing about poufs is that they are extremely easy to store when they are not needed. Since poufs are smaller in size, they can be tucked away and brought out only when extra seating is required because of an outdoor party or barbecue.  Due to this easy storage, it makes it possible to own multiple poufs. This means you can get a matching set or even multiple poufs with different fabrics.

Dress Up
Outdoor poufs can help create a beautiful and expensive looking backyard or patio. You should start thinking about your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor space. With this mindset, you can easily incorporate rugs, comfortable seating, pillows, and of course poufs. You also have the ability to choose from over 200 fabrics, when designing your poufs. This means that whatever look you want to achieve in your outdoor space, newly purchased poufs can help!

Versatility is key when looking for pieces to add to your outdoor space. Once you have selected your main patio furniture set whether it is a dining, deep seating, or sectional set, it is important that you start to consider what else you may need. Poufs are extremely versatile as they can act as a stool, ottoman, or even as a side table. This will provide you with so many options and make it that much easier to party plan. They take the stress away from needing to find extra seating or extra appetizer space on the day of a social gathering.

As mentioned above, poufs can provide extra seating or extra space. Since they are so easy to store, they become the perfect addition to your patio furniture set.  Sometimes during a party or outdoor gathering, you may have a few unexpected guests that did not RSVP. However, with poufs, you do not have to worry about not having enough seating as they can easily be taken out and used for the additional guests. They also work well when you need extra space to put wireless speakers, appetizers, books and magazines, laptops, or other smaller items.

If you are interested in adding poufs to your outdoor space, shop CABANACOAST® today!