An outdoor space should be an area where you can just sit back and relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. There are a few ways that you can transform your outdoor space into the paradise you have always dreamed of. Check out our 5 tips below:

1. Invest in Quality
If you are planning on spending lots of time outdoors during the summer months, it is crucial that you invest in high-quality patio furniture. You want to make sure that the furniture you are purchasing is durable, weather resistant, and comfy. Although the initial purchase may be a big one, it can save you money in the long run as high-quality patio furniture can last and provide comfort for several years.

2. Fire it up
Although the sun will provide warmth during the day, after it sets you will be looking for another source of heat. For those chilly nights in summer, autumn, and spring a cozy fit pit area would create the perfect gathering spot for your friends and family. A fire pit is a great way to bring the family together and catch up on the day’s adventures.

3. Kitchen Addition
If you love the idea of Al Fresco dining, it may be time to splurge on an outdoor kitchen and bar area. Having a barbecue, bar top, outdoor fridge, and sink could transform your space into outdoor entertainment heaven. Whether you are looking for a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with all the works or are looking for something a little simpler like a patio bar with some storage and seating.

4. Enhance the Entrance
Wouldn’t you like to make a statement when your guests first arrive in your backyard oasis? Don’t worry there are a few easy ways to achieve this! We suggest creating a walkway that is either lined with flowers or beautiful lanterns that will help light the way at night. If you have a gate or arbor at the entrance to your outdoor space we suggest covering it with vines or climbing roses.

5. Highlight you Favorite Features
Is there something in your backyard or patio that you absolutely adore? Why not make it a focal point! For instance, if you have a gorgeous tree in your outdoor space try adding string lights all the way up the base. If you have a shady nook in your backyard why not add a bench and a few outdoor pillows to create a cozy reading spot.

Once your outdoor space is transformed make sure to enjoy it as often as you can as summer only last so long. If you are interested in updating your patio or backyard shop CABANACOAST® today!