small patio furnitureWhen looking to make better use of your yard, outdoor furniture is a very useful addition. You can sit out and enjoy nature, a book, or just a simple conversation. Plus with small tables and other accessories you can also enjoy a meal or drinks. Because you’ll likely not want to leave your patio furniture out in the middle of your yard, here is a brief list of smaller types of small patio furniture you can easily move around and take in and out as needed.

Small Patio Furniture: Sitting

The main type of small patio furniture you’re going to need are options for sitting and relaxing around your yard. Here are several different types you can make use of.

  • Lounge Chairs: lounge chairs, while well-made and very comfortable, are light enough to be moved around your property with ease. These sturdy chairs can be purchased with wicker and aluminum frames or only aluminum frames. Plus their cushions are water resistant and quick drying making them ideal for the outdoors.
  • Dining Chairs: offer the same advantages as lounge chairs but are smaller and lighter. They are very useful when you need seating for more than one person and when you need chairs that have to move around often. They offer a variety of frame designs with standard dining chairs and small lounging style chairs available with the same frame options as lounge chairs.
  • Garden Benches: never underestimate the value of a good old fashioned bench. Benches offer a multitude of design options with aluminum frames with a variety of metallic and wood grain finishes and wicker also available with light and dark finishes. You also have a choice on using cushions or not.

Small Patio Furniture: Accessories

You can make use of the following accessories to make your yard more enjoyable and make your patio furniture more versatile.

  • Side Tables: a small side table is a portable and very usable piece of outdoor furniture. While not as large as a traditional dining table, it maintains the same form and function in an easier to move design. When paired with chairs, you can easily have outdoor meals with friends and family.
  • Umbrellas: a free standing umbrella is also highly useful, especially so if you live in a warm or sunny environment. Umbrellas protect you from the sun and allow you to stay cool and enjoy the outdoors. Umbrellas come with a variety of heights, shapes, and colors to choose from.

As you can see, small patio furniture adds a lot of uses to your property and can easily be moved into your yard when in use and stored when not. When looking for small patio furniture you want to go with an expert with many years of experience. Low quality outdoor furniture is uncomfortable and does not last. Cabana Coast has been producing highly quality outdoor furniture for many years. Our products are designed to be long lasting, nice to look at, and weather resistant. Feel free to browse our website complete with a high quality catalog or contact us today with any questions you may have concerning products or an order.