Today, comfortable furniture can follow you from your cozy living room, outside to the patio. Deep seating patio furniture is exactly what it sounds like: outdoor furniture with deep, soft cushions meant to give you a relaxing feeling when you sink into them. Often times these cushions are designed to give the user a high rebound factor, which means that the cushion compresses around you, but still bounces back when you get up to retain its shape. This eliminates the risk of sagging and unsupportive cushions.

Over time, most cushions you see on couches and chairs indoors tend to break down. This is because of the material used to make them. Cotton and other generic soft materials are great for the first several hundred uses, but over time they start to retain not their original shape, but the new shape that you press into them when you sit down. This can cause poor posture and back problems over time. The best cushions are those that rebound back to their original shape when you get up, thereby ensuring that they don’t sag and become uncomfortable.

Like beds, deep seating patio furniture should be both soft and firm. This is a difficult balance to strike. Too firm and the cushion is uncomfortable and feels like sitting on a hard surface, not a comfy deep seated lounger or chair. Too soft and the cushion struggles to maintain its shape and turns into a sagging, uncomfortable pillow. The key to the best deep seating patio furniture is in the cushions. They have to be firm yet soft, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture buildup.

Moisture can build up in outdoor furniture cushions easily. This is especially true if you live in a humid or wet climate. For non-water resistant cushions, even a glass of water can seep into the cushion’s usually absorbent material and attract mold and other unwanted life forms. Cabana Coast’s cushions use quick dry foam cushions especially formulated for outdoor use so moisture drains easily out of the foam.

For the best selection of deep seating patio furniture, check out Cabana Coast. With our extensive range of comfy outdoor seating, you are bound to find a set of deep seating outdoor furniture to meet your needs, whatever they may be.