NewportDNGroupWith spring finally arriving all across the country, it’s time to start planning your ultimate exterior entertainment area. Finding the perfect outdoor dining set for 4 is easy with Cabana Coast’s easy online searching options – the only limit is your imagination. Whether you already have your colors chosen for your outdoor area or you’re looking for inspiration, our quality outdoor furniture is sure to fulfill your exterior entertaining requirements.

Available space

One of the key features to look for when choosing an outdoor dining set for 4 is how well it will fit into your available exterior space. The table must accommodate a meal and four people comfortably, but you also need to be able to walk around it and have space to push back chairs. Measure the area you have available and make note of your favorite dining set’s measurements to ensure that everything fits well and doesn’t appear crowded.

Table shape

The shape of a 4 person outdoor dining table has a significant impact on the flow of your exterior entertaining. Round tables do well set out away from walls but don’t work as well tucked in corners. Square and rectangular tables can rest up against a well as necessary or be the centerpiece of an entire area. Another influence on shape choice is the presence of small children as there’s less risk of injury from rounded edges.

Legs or pedestal?

For an outdoor space with limited room, a pedestal table is a good choice as it eliminates protruding legs. Pedestal tables come in both round and square shapes to fit exterior design requirements. An outdoor space with plenty of room to move easily accommodates a traditional dining table with four legs, and the open space underneath the table can serve as storage for lower furniture when the table isn’t in use.


Cabana Coast’s outdoor dining sets for 4 handle the elements effortlessly, which means that material choice is usually more about aesthetics than durability. The main choices for table and chair materials are cast aluminum or all weather outdoor wicker. These resilient outdoor materials withstand the weather beautifully and ensure that you never have to worry about a little rain damaging your exterior furniture.

Investing in one of our quality outdoor dining sets for 4 means that you’ll have a place to enjoy the bright sunshine and starlit nights with friends and family throughout the warm seasons. When combined with other exterior furniture from Cabana Coast including sofas, chairs, and fire pits, you’ll achieve the ultimate exterior oasis.