ChelseaDNGroupComfortable, stylish looking patio table sets are the envy of neighbors and guests. There is a lot of work that goes into picking the best patio table set. The first is choosing from the four main types of patio furniture frame material: resin, metal, wood and wicker. For instance, wood furniture is for those who love natural material. The choices are teak, eucalyptus, cedar and acacia. The best quality wood patio furniture is made from the center of the heartwood lumber. It has a consistent grain. Also, the furniture has stainless steel or zinc-plated screws that allows you to tighten the screws as necessary.

Patio table sets that are made from wicker framing are perfect for a causal setting

Wicker patio sets are woven in two form. One is all-weather wicker, which is made from synthetic fiber or twisted-paper woven around a frame. The other is regular wicker. Traditional wicker is called rattan.

Although wicker has a more cottage, country or relaxed décor, you have a variety of options. For instance, the Piano 36” square table is made with outdoor, or all-weather wicker. The table comes in various colors, but features a darker coffee, or saddle, top frame. The Nevada 54” round patio table is also made with wicker. One unique feature of the table is its wide and round wicker mix. It also has a glass tabletop.

Resin patio sets have trendy designs

Plastic, or rein patio sets have major advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are things like cost, durability and maintenance. The major disadvantage is that patio sets made with resin are often have the usual cookie-cutter designs.  In other words, you have a chance of buying the same patio set as your neighbor. Now that would not make anyone jealous.

Metal patio sets are the best-selling for outdoor furniture

Metal is versatile, durable and comfortable. There are two types of metal patio sets: aluminum and wrought iron. Unlike wicker patio sets, metal outdoor furniture has a formal look. For example the Milano 24” square pedestal table is made with durable aluminum and a contemporary design. Another example of metal patio sets is the Hampton 60” square table. The high end luxury cast aluminum table has a blocked design on its tabletop.

Another low cost option is PVC or plastic patio sets. They are lightweight and low maintenance. They are also budget-friendly. Unfortunately there is one major drawback with plastic patio sets. They easily mildew in wet climates.

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The material of patio table sets determines more than the look of your patio or the furniture. The material affects the staying power of patio table sets. If you go with a cheaper option, patio table sets may not last. However, investing in material framing like metal and wicker provide you with the longevity and durability you want in patio table sets.

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