Adding Privacy to Your Patio

A backyard or patio is the perfect place to hold an outdoor gathering and show off your beautiful patio furniture. However, one of the crucial elements of an outdoor space is privacy. Check out 5 ideas on how to make your patio more private below:

Trees can be a great addition to a backyard to not only create shade but also privacy. By having trees around the perimeter of your property, you are able to create distance between you and your neighbors. The one disadvantage of trees is that is it will take some time before they provide the maximum amount of coverage. If you would like privacy immediately but still want to use nature we suggest planting mature shrubs and hedges. Although they can take up more room on your property, you don’t have to wait years for them to grow.

Building a fence is another great way to add privacy in the exact spot you need. A fence will create a more intimate patio, backyard, or deck as you will feel more enclosed. Fences will give you more flexibility and can be used in combination with trees and hedges. Make sure that before you put up a fence that your neighbor likes the idea as well.

Adding an umbrella to your outdoor space may be the easiest way you can create privacy. All you have to do is purchase a patio umbrella as there will be no heavy lifting or planting. Umbrellas will, of course, provide lots of shade, but they also will provide privacy during an outdoor gathering. Although this won’t make your entire yard private, it will create a cozy secluded spot. Umbrellas can be used with different patio furniture sets such as dining sets, sectionals, and deep seating. If you want something different than the classic center pole umbrella we suggest trying an offset cantilever umbrella.

A cabana is a perfect addition to a backyard or patio to help create a secluded and intimate spot. A cabana can provide lots of shade with its pretty flowing canopy. A cabana can be installed to fit around your existing patio furniture and a few different sizes are available to fit your every need. Adding a cabana can create just as much privacy as adding trees or a fence around the perimeter.

Vertical Garden
For those with a green thumb and a need for some privacy, a vertical garden could be right for you. Although this idea requires a bit more gardening skills and knowledge, it can end up looking terrific. There are many different sizes, plants, and options to consider when creating a vertical garden. One can opt for hanging window box planters or go for the more classic circular pots. One major advantage of a vertical garden is that if you are tight on space for an actual garden this is a great alternative.

If you would like to make your outdoor space more private why not add a couple of patio furniture pieces by shopping CABANACOAST® today!