Flight RD GroupWhen you buy high quality patio furniture you’re getting a product that lasts several years. That, combined with an included warranty from the manufacturer has got you covered for those first couple of years. However, occasionally damage may occur that is beyond the scope of any warranty or your furniture may simply be out of its warranty period. With well-made patio furniture, replacement is not your only solution if problems arise. What follows are a few general ownership and repair tips.

Common Upkeep Tips

Part of patio furniture repair is avoiding it when possible. With some regular upkeep your furniture will last longer and not need to be repaired as often. In general, high quality patio furniture can be wiped down with warm water and a liquid soap (the kind you use on your car is ideal) to help prolong its life. You can do this simple cleaning treatment on both cushions and metal framing to keep your furniture clean. Also some good old fashioned common sense applies to patio furniture upkeep. Cover fire pits and close umbrellas when they’re not in use. If you live in an area prone to freezing and cold winters you should make sure your furniture is dry in the winter and consider covering or storing it.

Patio Furniture Repair General Tips

Patio furniture repair covers two general areas: the frame and the cushions. Each should be approached differently. Cushions can be removed and washed or cleaned if they are stained. In some cases the cushions may be beyond a simple cleaning. If cushions are heavily damaged or torn then ordering replacement cushions from the manufacturer is an option – and far cheaper than replacing the entire piece of furniture.

Frame repair depends on what material the frame is made of. Wood for example responds well to regular touch up work. An occasional sanding combined with a protective layer (i.e. a nice coat of outdoor wood varnish) can prolong its life and keep it looking great. Also (depending on the design) it may be possible to replace damaged sections with new wood.

For metal frames there are primers on the market designed to resist rust and keep the metal looking good. If rust has begun to develop, sandblasting can remove it and a quick application of a powder-coating can have it looking good as new. If your patio furniture is aluminum, an application of car wax can help prevent damage from the elements. In general for metal patio furniture repair you’ll mainly be concerned with keeping it looking nice and preventing rust as due to its sheer strength structural damage is very rare, short of cataclysmic events that rarely occur in standard use.

When it comes to patio furniture repair one of the most important aspects is using furniture that is repairable. Cheaper patio furniture is often not designed to be repaired even with proper tools and technique. So if you’re willing to do a little patio furniture repair to keep your furniture functional it pays to invest in a quality product. Cabana Coast has been providing quality products to businesses that serve the public and customers looking for furniture for their patios for many years. If you’re interested in learning more about what Cabana Coast has to offer, call or email us today!