When the weather turns colder and you don’t have the option of sitting outside on those long afternoons and evenings in the sun, you will find yourself using your outdoor patio furniture less and less. Every year this happens to many households. They spend good money outfitting their outdoor dining and lounge areas with the best outdoor furniture, only to see it go unused for several months out of the year as the rain or snow start up in the fall and winter. While there are some models of indoor outdoor furniture that are specifically designed for inside and out, these models are rare, and indoor outdoor furniture may be considered a needless (and considerable) expense. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can use your existing patio furniture as indoor outdoor furniture. Here are a few tips to get you started on bringing that patio furniture inside:

  • Invest in floor protectors. Patio furniture is designed for the rough surfaces of porches and patios, not for you beautifully finished hardwood floor. To protect your interior floor, invest in felt or plastic feet that will create a protective barrier between the bottom of the patio furniture’s feet and your floor. Try to imagine how the material of your patio furniture will react not only to your hardwood floor, but also to other objects in the room. Will it get knocked over by rowdy kids or pets? Will someone stub their toe on metal or wood? How patio furniture will interact with your interior décor scheme and the inhabitants of your house is a major consideration.
  • Think about your space. Will patio furniture work well in your kitchen or living space? Think about the functionality of patio furniture before you turn it into indoor outdoor furniture. When spring comes again and you have the urge to sit outside with your breakfast and coffee, is your indoor outdoor furniture easy to move to your patio again when winter is finally over? Think about how you want your new indoor furniture to fit into the interior of your home.
  • Maximize comfort. When you take your patio furniture inside to double as indoor furniture, choose some extra cushions for it. Guests and homeowners alike expect a certain level of coziness and comfort in their indoor furniture (think easy chairs, sofas, recliners, etc.). You patio furniture is comfortable of course, but indoors is a different environment altogether, and should be treated as a comfy, cozy space in which to lounge out of the elements. Make sure that your patio furniture is comfortable and soft enough to be enjoyed inside.
  • Give your patio furniture a thorough cleaning. Make sure your patio furniture is spotless before you take it inside. Patio furniture is made to resist dirt and contaminants from being left outside, but make sure that there are no stains from spilled drinks, or cobwebs clinging to the bottom of your patio chairs before you take them to the interior of your home. The last thing you need is more cleaning!

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