MissionDSGroupWith gazebo outdoor furniture you have to consider aesthetics as well as size and space. So what’s the best outdoor furniture for your gazebo? Here’s how you can figure it out.

Start by Considering the Gazebo

Gazebos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You want furniture that can complement the gazebo. But since this is for the comfort of you and your guests, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort strictly for looks. You also don’t want the gazebo furniture to take up too much space and clutter the gazebo.

Is your gazebo open or closed? This will help you determine the type of furniture you want. Remember that a closed gazebo has protection against the elements while an open-sided one doesn’t. This is a huge factor in the type of furniture you will want.

How often do you use your gazebo? If your gazebo is mostly ornamental and receives very little use, then you can go with furniture that matches that. If you plan to use the gazebo a lot, then you will want furniture that can stand up to heavy use.

Does your gazebo have a furniture set? Some gazebos have built in furniture features, such as seating. In such situations, you won’t have to look for seats, but you may want to add a feature such as a small table.

Taking Materials into Consideration

There are many types of gazebo outdoor furniture. There’s no right or wrong since it’s all up to personal choice. However, it’s important to consider the materials your furniture will consist of.

Metal furniture – You can use aluminum furniture for you gazebo. Modern aluminum pieces are often resistant to rust, so they can handle the elements if you have an open sided gazebo. They also require less maintenance. Other metals can look nice and elegant as well, but are prone to rust and will require more maintenance.

Wood furniture – Wood furniture can fit almost any aesthetic. You can stain wood and create something unique for your gazebo. Keep in mind that wood and the elements aren’t always a good combination.

Real wood starts to look even better as it ages, so it can make a good long-term choice. Something like teak doesn’t need as much maintenance, and faux-wood choices can give you the look without the maintenance.

Fabric furniture – Fabric furniture can give you a nice festive look. Since the furniture consists of or is covered in fabric you have an almost unlimited amount of design choices. You will have to work to keep it clean, but that depends on the type of fabric used for the pieces.

Wicker furnitureWicker is an old go-to for outdoor furniture. There is a difference between real wicker and synthetic wicker. Real wicker requires maintenance and care. If it’s painted, it may require the occasional repainting. It also can’t stand up to a lot of weight. Synthetic wicker requires less maintenance, and can stand up to more punishment.

You can also find synthetic versions of virtually all materials or have one piece that looks like it’s made of something different. As stated, it’s all up to you. This hasn’t even gotten into the cushions and pillows that you can use to transform the look of your furniture.

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