Patio Furniture Cushion Care

Once you have purchased your outdoor patio furniture cushions, it is important to take care of them so they can last for many years to come. Stains and cleaning can be stressful, especially if you do not know the correct treatment for your outdoor cushions. We answered 5 of your most pressing questions regarding how to properly take care of your Sunbrella® patio furniture cushions.

1. Are Stains Easy To Clean?
Most stains on solution-dyed acrylic outdoor fabrics can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. However we do suggest cleaning the fabric regularly before substances start to build up on your patio furniture cushions.

2. How Do I Clean the Fabric?
The best way to clean your outdoor cushions would be to brush off any loose substances like dirt or fallen leaves and clean with warm water and mild natural soap. The water should be no more than 100°F (38°C) and the cushions should be rinsed thoroughly to remove all the soap. For more information on how to remove stains please see our Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions & Patio Umbrellas Stain Chart under Patio Furniture Care on our website.

3. What Should I Do On a Regular Basis?
There are a couple things you should do on a regular basis or per event to make your patio furniture cushions look the best. First, we suggest brushing or vacuuming any loose dirt from the surface of the fabric. This will get rid of any crumbs, fallen debris, or any other material that has accumulated on the fabric. Also to protect against stains, spills should be removed immediately from the surface. To do this make sure you blot any excess liquid and use a clean, damp cloth to gently spot the area where the stain occurred.

4. What Should I Avoid?
Although many of our CABANACOAST® outdoor cushions come with zippers, we still recommend cleaning the cushions first without putting them in the washing machine. If you must put them in the washing machine, you should use a cold water cycle to prevent the fabric from shrinking. Since solution-dyed acrylic fabric is extremely heat sensitive, do not steam press or place in dryers. Always let the fabric air dry as it is the only way to prevent heat damage.

5. Are There Any Other Ways I Should Protect The Fabric?
When using liquid detergent to wash your outdoor furniture cushions, we do suggest re-applying water repellent treatment, such as 303 Hi Tech Fabric Guard or a similar product. This will give your fabric and cushions extra protection against water, dirt, grease, mildew, and sun damage.

If you would like to buy high quality patio furniture cushions, shop CABANACOAST® today and find a local retailer near you!