Cushions play a dual role when it comes to outdoor furniture.  Not only do they provide comfort to you and your guests when sitting or lounging, but they also perform an important style function.  The cushions work to bring all the different style elements of your outdoor furniture together, and they add a healthy dose of colour and character. replacement-patio-cushions

Of course, nothing lasts forever and the time will come when your patio cushions need to be replaced.  Here’s how you’ll know if they’ve had enough and what to do about it.

When to Replace Cushions
There really is no magic formula used to determine when you need to get new cushions for your outdoor furniture.  If they develop any accidental rips or tears or if they’ve faded to a point that they no longer resemble the ones you bought, then it’s probably time to replace them.  Also, if you’ve purchased cushions that aren’t water resistant and you allow them to get saturated time and again, they won’t be very enjoyable for anyone to sit on, and they’ll deteriorate quickly.

Contact Your Retailer
If your cushions are damaged or need replacing for any other reason, the best thing to do is contact the retailer where you bought them.  Taking down details like a model number, style and colour will help ensure you get the right replacement.  You can track down your nearest CabanaCoast retailer online here. Your retailer will be able to help you select the right size and shape cushions to fit your existing furniture.

What About CabanaCoast Cushions?
Luckily, if you’ve purchases your outdoor furniture and cushions through CabanaCoast, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacements for some time, if at all.  We use high-density foam for our patio cushions and durable fabric made by Sunbrella. Sunbrella fabric is resistant to some of the more common cushion woes like fading, staining, mold and even chlorine. 

That means you can relax, entertain, go for a swim, and if a sudden rainfall comes in and your cushions get wet, everything is still ok.  We recommend that you store your cushions properly and maintain them on a regular basis to keep them in top shape. Check out our patio furniture covers or cushion storage boxes for a stylish way to store your cushions out of the rain.