A patio can be an extra room in your home. When decorating your patio, you have several choices in patio furniture and accessories. A common question you may have is what materials to purchase your furniture in? Wood, wicker, aluminum, and stainless steel furniture are all common and easily available materials. However, stainless steel furniture offers not only a cutting edge look, but one that will last you for many years. Cabana Coast is one company that specializes in patio furniture and offers stainless steel furniture among our many high quality offerings. Here is a quick profile of the different types of stainless steel furniture that we are best known for:

The Elegance line of stainless steel furniture blends stainless steel with wicker and soft cushions to create long lasting and stylish comfort. The Deep Seating chairs are deep chairs with high arms that a person can really sink into. The Elegance Loveseat uses a design with high arms and a longer base and cushions to allow two people to enjoy this same kind of comfort. The Elegance Sofa also blends the stainless steel and wicker frame with a soft one-piece cushion to allow for a large place to sit or lie down. Aside from chairs there are several different types of side tables available. With the same application of stainless steel these tables are available in coffee table, side table and an 84” rectangle table design. Elegance furniture is also available in several different sectional designs allowing you to create a complete living room style layout on your patio.

The Soho line when you look at it makes you think of strong and long lasting furniture. This stainless steel furniture is mainly made with stainless steel bars for frame construction supporting plush and soft cushions. In terms of design, the Soho line offers many of the design styles of the Elegance line with a different flair. For example, you can still buy Deep Seating chairs and sofas but the frame is built from stainless steel cross bars. This is a truly solid and long lasting design. Table options include granite finishes available on both coffee and side tables. Sectional pieces are also available to allow you to design the patio furniture layout of your choice.

Lastly, the Loop line offers a unique blend of the two above styles. Wicker and stainless steel materials blend together nicely in the Loop collection’s stainless steel furniture. A key difference however, is the Loop style furniture offers a more traditional design with a high back and low arms, perfect for relaxing on a warm summer night. When paired with a blend of bright colors fabric choices and the sharp stainless steel design, it makes for striking selections. Their tables also show a nice blend of wicker and stainless steel with the sturdy steel leg design. As with the other designs the Loop collection also includes sectional pieces along with chairs, loveseats, and table selections.

As you can see, stainless steel furniture offers a blend of style, simplicity, and elegance that is suitable for any patio layout you may have in mind. For the last ten years, Cabana Coast has been devoted to producing high quality products for all our customers. Cabana Coast’s designs offer comfort with a modern style that is pleasing to the eye, rust resistant, and long lasting. Be sure to check out our stainless steel furniture online. Complete with several picture and layouts, our gallery will not only give you an idea of which pieces to buy, but also inspire you on how to arrange it once you do purchase your patio furniture.