L Shaped vs Curved Sectional


The traditional L-shaped sectionals have always been popular as they are a great piece that can utilize corners, provide lots of seating, and create eye-catching layouts. However recently there has been a spike in interest in the curved sectionals. So what is better for you? Although everyone has different tastes and preference we are going to try and help you answer that question.

Corner Fit
As mentioned above, an L-shaped sectional is a perfect piece to fit in a corner of a patio. This is because it is able to use the space much better than other types of patio furniture. It will make use of every square inch of the corner so there will be no wasted space.

While both the L-shaped and curved sectionals are great for socializing as guests are able to stay close together, the curved sectional may be better. This is because as the curved sectional faces inwards it helps facilitate conversation as guests are face to face with one another.

While curved sectionals still provide lots of space, L-shaped sectionals provide more functional space. If you want to relax and sprawl out, this outdoor sectional may be best for you. The straight lines provide room to stretch out comfortably compared to a curved sectional.

Fitting In
Curved sectionals are perfect for rounded walls or to highlight other rounded edges. Whether you want to showcase a circular rug, round fire pit, or round coffee table , a curved sectional can easily do this. While a backyard or patio that features straight lines with additions of rectangular or square coffee tables and linear fabric patterns, would go well with an L-shaped sectional.

The size of your outdoor space may determine what type of sectional you will want to purchase. With L-shaped sectionals, you are able to control the size a bit more as you can add or take away slipper chairs which can create extra length. However, with a curved sectional you are not given as many options as you need to add as many pieces to at least create some type of curve.

Soft and Subtle
The popularity of the curved sectional comes with the idea that it creates softer lines compared to the blunt lines of the L-shaped sectional. A curved sectional may be considered unique, with a subtle design which gives an outdoor space more dimension.

Both an L-shaped sectional and curved sectional are great options, however, to decide it depends on what your outdoor space looks like and how you intend to use it. Shop CABANACOAST® today if you are interested in purchasing a patio furniture sectional.