Extending the Patio Season

Kicking back on a patio, with friends and family, can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities during the summer months. However, when the days start getting shorter and the temperatures drop, many decide to move their social gatherings inside. A lot of time and money is spent to make your outdoor space comfortable, inviting, and stylish, so why not use it a little longer? So how do you make this possible? Here are a few ideas on how to extend the patio season:

1. Fire Pit
If you love entertaining in an outdoor space or just love sitting on your comfortable patio furniture with a good book, a fire pit is a perfect addition to take your space from summer to fall. Since high-quality patio furniture is built to withstand outdoor conditions, it would fit perfectly around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. This will keep you warm while enjoying those chilly evenings in your luxurious outdoor furniture.

2. Throw Blankets and Pillows
When the sun is setting and the temperatures begin to drop, pulling out stylish throw blankets and outdoor pillows to compliment your favorite furniture could turn your space into a fall paradise. The modern blankets and pillows will not only dress up the already beautiful patio furniture but also provide you with some much-needed warmth.

3. Canopy or Large Umbrella
During the cooler fall months, sometimes an addition of a canopy for your cabana or a large umbrella can help provide insulation and block out a chilly breeze. Whether your space is built for a cabana or a large umbrella, both will provide an entertaining space that can continue to be used after the summer.

4. Outdoor Heater
Adding an outdoor heater to a patio could also provide some additional warmth. Outdoor space heaters come in many different styles and sizes, making them fit well in large or small spaces. Whether you want electric or propane, portable or mounted, all different types can easily be integrated into your outdoor space.

5. Portable Lanterns
One last way to dress up your outdoor space and make it more welcoming in the cooler months would be to add portable lanterns. Not only can portable lanterns be used as stylish decor, but they can also provide light during the darker evenings.

Adding some extra items to an outdoor space can make it much more inviting when the cooler weather sets in. If you are interested in extending the patio season, shop CABANACOAST® today!