Cleaning Patio CushionsIf you fail to cover your patio furniture, you risk getting it soaked during a sudden downpour. Sudden summer showers are common in many places and it is not always possible to remove the cushions and get them inside (or to cover them) before it starts raining.

So what are your options when your patio furniture cushions are saturated? Consider the following options for getting your soaked cushions dry as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

  • Manually Remove Water
    The first option may be the most obvious: you will want to physically squeeze as much of the water as possible from the cushion. Remove the cushions from the frames and squeeze down on them as hard as you can. This step should remove most of the water.
  • Stand Them Up to Dry
    Positioning them vertically will help the remaining water to drain out. Another option is to hang them on a clothesline if you have one available. Note that the clothesline will have to be a sturdy one to handle all the weight. Larger patio furniture cushions such as those for couches and
     maybe placed over a railing such as a deck railing to speed up the drying process.
  • Use Fans
    If time is of the essence, gather any portable fans you have lying around your home and place them in the vicinity of the cushions. Better air circulation may help to speed up drying.

    Note that even if your patio furniture cushions have not been completely saturated, you will still want to make sure that they are completely dry before storing them for the winter. Failing to dry them sufficiently before storage may result in mildew.

  • Clothes Dryer
    Depending on the size of your cushions, you may be able to put them in your dryer. Note that you may not be able to fit more than one in there at a time and therefore the process can be time-consuming. Other options include taking your cushions to the Laundromat and drying them in one of their big dryers. If you choose to do this, note that it can still take hours and may be expensive.
  • Choosing the Right Cushions
    If you want to make sure that your patio furniture cushions are able to stand up to moisture, you should make sure to purchase ones that are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Patio furniture cushions that are made with man-made fibers like vinyl, acrylic or polyester are better able to withstand stresses from the weather when compared to those made with natural materials.

The tips above can help you to dry out your patio furniture cushions thus preventing mildew. In order to keep your patio furniture from getting soaked in the first place, consider investing in a Cabana Coast patio furniture cover. Cabana Coast offers covers for everything from outdoor sectionals to loveseats and fire pits. Visit their website to find out more about protecting your investment from the elements.