So, it is time to put the finishing touches on your outdoor bar. One of the most important contributors to the comfort, style and overall atmosphere of your bar is the outdoor bar stool. There are, however, many different shapes, styles and materials for outdoor bar stools to come in; this can make the choice rather difficult. Finding the right outdoor bar stools can be easy if you know where to start. Here are a few tips for finding the right outdoor bar stools to match your restaurant’s decor:

Consider the material

What your outdoor bar stools are made out of not only affects the price level to which they fit into, but also how durable and comfortable they are.


Regarding design, metal is one of the most versatile options for outdoor bar stools. They can be molded to any shape to maximize comfort and its natural strength adds a great deal of durability. However, the stiff metal material is less comfortable than other options, if you choose to use without a cushion.


Resin is another versatile and also inexpensive material for outdoor bar stools. When made into an all-weather wicker and wrapped onto powder coated aluminum frames it makes for a comfortable outdoor bar stool that is also durable. Resin wicker creates a warm and inviting look to the outdoor bar stools and if it suits your style, or your restaurant’s budget is tight then this is a great option for your next outdoor bar stool material.

The height must be right

Bars vary in height, and so do bar stools. Simply put, your outdoor bar stools must work with the height of your bar. If the height of your bar stool does not line up with the bar, then your restaurant’s guests will be less comfortable, people will not be able to reach over the bar and the stools will simply look ridiculous.

Also keep in mind that bar stools can also come in counter height and we have a selection of those as well if you prefer a shorter outdoor bar height.

Figure out if they will fit

You need to think about how many stools you will need, and determine if the ones on your list will fit, based on the space available for you. For example, if you choose outdoor bar stools that swivel or have back rest and arms to fit in your allotted space, you will have much less size flexibility than if you go with armless backless stools. Thinking about this ahead of time will save you a great deal of time — and possibly money.

Padding versus durability

Adding fabric cushions to your outdoor bar stools will certainly enhanced the comfort value of your outdoor bar stools although they are not right for every outdoor bar. Your cushions will go through some wear and tear and may need to be replace sooner than the frames. When choosing an outdoor bar stool cushion, make sure you choose only cushions with easy to clean and durable Sunbrella fabric. Quick Dry Foam is also a great option to look for as water drains quickly out of it, allowing your cushions to be ready to use again sooner than with other outdoor foams.

Cabana Coast can help you in your search

As one of the top distributors of outdoor bar stools and other patio furniture, the experts at Cabana Coast will provide the best stools for your restaurant’s needs.