An outdoor eating area is the perfect way to give your customers the ability to enjoy a beautiful day and some of your great food at the same time.

In order for an outdoor eating area to work, though, you have to choose the right commercial outdoor furniture. In fact, you should find unique furniture to make sure that your restaurant’s patrons have a dining experience that they will never forget. Here are our tips for choosing commercial outdoor furniture that is both comfortable and unique:

Consider your restaurant’s overall theme

Although your restaurant’s outdoor area should be unique, it shouldn’t clash with the rest of your restaurant. If you run a family Italian style restaurant, for example, commercial outdoor furniture that looks like it belongs in a Japanese sushi restaurant simply won’t do.

Think about the materials you will use

For area design, texture is everything. If you choose the right textures for your commercial outdoor furniture, you can exponentially enhance the uniqueness of your outdoor eating area.

Decide which colors will stand out

Color is an area in which you have a lot of flexibility for the furniture of your outdoor eating area. For example, with the right color choices for your furniture and cushions, you can transition from a welcoming but muted indoor eating area to a vibrant outdoor eating area.

Add a fire pit

Unlike the inside of your restaurant, where you have complete control over the climate, the conditions of your outdoor eating area are completely dependent upon the weather of the day. On cooler days and nights, this can be a problem, especially when your indoor area is overflowing with customers who would love to sit down and enjoy your wonderful food as soon as possible.

There are many solutions to this problem, the most common of which is to add a set of space heaters. However, these can be cumbersome and get in the way. Instead, invest in one or more fire pits for your outdoor eating area. Not only will this enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area in a unique way, but fire pits will also keep the area nice and cozy for all of your restaurant’s patrons.


You can add an amazing set of commercial outdoor furniture to your outdoor eating area and still end up with something that is less than unique. This is due to the fact that furniture cannot do the job on its own.

The next step to creating a truly unique experience for your patrons is to add furniture accessories. This can range from ornate tea carts to sleek console tables. Regardless of your furniture accessory choices, make sure that they enhance the unique appeal of your outdoor eating area.

Find a way to add a little shade

Although your restaurant’s patrons love enjoying a sunny day, make sure you add a little shade to outdoor areas. By looking beyond the basic umbrella styles, you can use this as yet another opportunity to make your outdoor area just a little bit more unique.

There are many shapes and styles available in commercial patio umbrellas, so it should be simple to find one that suits your area’s design needs.

The right furniture will make your restaurant’s outdoor area truly unique

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