During the warmer months, it is common for us to want to entertain guests outside. The best way to update your backyard space is to add new outdoor furniture. Guests want to be comfortable, but also feel they are at a luxurious island getaway. A wicker patio set can bring both comfort and style to your outdoor space.

At CabanaCoast, our wicker outdoor chairs, sectionals, and dining sets are the perfect blend of casual and stylish furniture. SolWeave outdoor patio furniture is not your typical wicker material. The SolWeave wicker used in our furniture is hand crafted, and wrapped around a powder-coated aluminium frame especially made for the outdoors. SolWeave wicker is a modern approach to traditional wicker furniture.

All of our SolWeave wicker pieces are weather resistant. Weather is becoming harsher each year, and customers want to buy furniture that will last through every season. Our wicker pieces are both UV and water resistant, and extremely durable.

One of the more outstanding characteristics of SolWeave wicker furniture is that it is functional. Whether it is for a formal dinner, a pool party or just a casual gathering of friends, our outdoor furniture suits any type of occasion.

Some examples of our SolWeave outdoor furniture pieces are sectional couches, chairs, arm chairs, ottomans, side tables, dining sets, benches, stools, lounges, sofas, loveseats and plenty more. CabanaCoast offers many types of furniture for you to choose from that best suit your lifestyle. We offer many complementary fabric patterns, colours and designs to choose from to customize your wicker patio furniture.

It may be winter now, but before you know it, summer will be right around the corner! It is never too early or too late to invest in quality outdoor furniture that you will enjoy this upcoming patio season. Find a CabanaCoast retailer near you to see our beautiful SolWeave wicker patio sets in person!