The outdoor fire pit is becoming an increasingly popular feature of backyards, restaurant patios, and resort lounge areas. Its recent popularity has produced a flood of new styles, designs, and materials from the leading manufacturers in the field. An outdoor fire pit is a wonderful addition that makes any outdoor space look and feel special.

However, all fire pits need to be treated with care and attention if you want to enjoy it for years to come. Here are a few tips from CabanaCoast® to help you care for your outdoor fire pit:

    • When you select a cast aluminum fire pit working on natural gas or propane, it looks so beautiful that you may be tempted to use it inside too. As the name properly suggests, outdoor fire pits are for outdoor use only and they should never be burned indoors.


    • The placement of your outdoor fire pit is very important. As a result, you should choose a level, firm, and immovable surface as a permanent location for your fire pit. In most cases, a deck or flat stone patio area makes the perfect choice.


    • Although this magnificent outdoor furniture accessory is made to be used outdoors, it is a good idea to offer it some protection from the elements when it is not in use. There are many covers on the market that you can choose from. Even the models that come with a lid should be covered when not in use.


    • Though our outdoor fire pits are made to withstand the elements, it is best to store them in a garage or other indoor space during the off-season. That will help prolong the life of your fire pit. Plus, storing your outdoor fire pit will mean less maintenance for you in the long run.


    • Regular cleaning ensures that your outdoor fire pit will perform optimally and properly every time. Read the instructions on how to clean your fire pit. It is the best way to avoid accidents and mistakes.


    • Safety is very important when you care for your outdoor fire pit. First of all, you need to make sure that the fire has completely died down before any cleaning is performed.


    • With a gas fire pit, it is always best to inspect burners regularly. Inspecting and cleaning burners and valves will prevent all kinds of accidents. Insect nests, dirt and other buildup can cause out of control fires by blocking the flow of air.


    • Your outdoor fire pit is a complex appliance and therefore regular inspections from a professional are always a good idea. Professional inspections will ensure reliable performance and a long life, as well as the safety of your family and home.


Have any questions about maintaining your outdoor fire pit? Contact CabanaCoast® today.