There’s nothing quite like enjoying that first summer in your brand new patio set. It truly feels like sitting in the lap of luxury and embracing all that the season has to offer. The question is: when the twilight of summer fades, how do you keep your metal patio furniture in like-new condition all year long?

The Durability is in the Details

The savviest patio purchase is one part style and one part practicality. Don’t buy metal patio furniture just because of the “it” factor; find out more about the materials available before you make a final decision. 

At Cabana Coast, our metal patio furniture is made of aluminum and therefore is rust-free and requires no sealing. For owners that are already dealing with some rust damage, you will need to treat the furniture with rust-remover, clean it as directed, and then hand-seal it. We always recommend that you your cover your metal patio furniture with a protective cover in the off season.

You have to remember to store your wooden set in the garage or shed during the winter months. The varnish will protect it from mild elemental wear and tear, but that protection isn’t meant to stand up to a constant barrage of wet weather. If you don’t have the space for storage, opt for furniture that is comprised of sturdier material, like metal. Our pieces are designed with drain holes to allow condensation to escape and prevent it from freezing inside the metal tubing. Metal patio furniture should always be stored upright so the drain holes are in the correct position.

Of course, part of the fun of customizing your patio set is the chance to mix and match certain elements to give your final look some unique flair. Fabric accessories like cushions and umbrellas are a great way to jazz up your metal patio furniture. There’s plenty of room for a little versatility in your choice of accessories too. For a quick and cost-effective strategy that changes the look of your entire set, save the frame, simply switch out your cushions and fabrics. The addition of new patterns or colors will breathe some contemporary-looking life into older furniture.

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