For some types of businesses, outdoor furniture is just as important as the furniture they have inside.  You can make a great impression on customers or potential customers with a great looking patio or outdoor seating area before they even enter your business.

There’s no doubt that your choice of commercial outdoor furniture has an impact, so follow these tips to make sure that impact is a positive one.

commercial-patio-furnitureConsider Your Business

Considering the type of business you run and why you need the furniture in the first place is a great start.  Commercial outdoor furniture is used all the time at restaurants, hotels and bars, and you’ll also see it at bistros, coffee shops and similar businesses.  When figuring out what type of patio furniture to buy, think about the impact it’s going to have on your bottom line.

Do you need some benches or maybe a couple tables and umbrellas for people to rest or wait, or do you need full blown dining sets because you’ll be conducting a lot of business outdoors?  The needs of the business will help guide you to the right type of commercial outdoor furniture, as well as the quality of patio furniture you purchase.

Consider Your Customers

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so keep them in your thoughts when choosing commercial outdoor furniture.  Uncomfortable chairs or wobbly tables don’t make for an enjoyable experience, and will often result in someone not coming back.  Even if you need something as simple as benches for an outdoor waiting area, put yourself in the customer’s shoes first.

Consider the Weather

If you’re in an area that gets a lot of precipitation or has erratic weather conditions, think about investing in heavier furniture (for wind protection) or protective covers, although our furniture is all-weather.  If you do anticipate a lot of moving back and forth, buying furniture that works just as well indoors as out would be ideal.  You will also want to choose durable, weather-resistant patio furniture and fabrics. All of CabanaCoast’s patio cushions feature Sunbrella fabrics that are resistant to fading and the elements.

Consider the Style

The style of any commercial outdoor furniture you choose should match with the theme and feel of the business.  If you’re a restaurant that sees a lot of families, you might want something more durable and low-key than if you’re a high-end spot that’s known for luxury.  Consider the colours of your logo, the interior of the business and other forms of branding when choosing the colours of the furniture, cushions and umbrellas.

Crunch the Numbers

It’s important to think of commercial outdoor furniture as a business investment, because it will have an impact on your business.  For this reason, avoid bringing in the cheapest stuff you can find just to save a few bucks.  Your customers will notice, so get the best you can afford to create the very best experience.

The patio furniture experts at CabanaCoast can advise you on the best type of commercial patio furniture to choose for your needs. Contact us today if you have any questions about our products and to find a retailer near you.