Outdoor bar stools strike an exceptional modern style into any pattern on your outdoor dining or outdoor kitchen. Whether the patio furniture setting is at your home or your business, you can choose either residential or commercial grade outdoor counter bar stools. With many beautiful choices of outdoor bar stools, we provide some important points to help narrow down in choosing the perfect outdoor bar stools for your home or business.

Measurement and Spacing

Select the appropriate height and width of your counter bar stool. The width determines on how many people you choose to be seated at the bar or counter. Industry recommended minimum space are measured in the 26-30 inch range between the centers of the counter bar stools. The size may be a little further if the design of the counter bar stools have swivel backs or arm rests. At this point, you would be able to determine how many people can be seated at the patio bar. An outdoor corner seating for a restaurant patio bar or pub patio table are undesired.

As for the height, measure the height of your outdoor bar or counter table from the floor to the underside of your bar top to determine the proper height of your counter bar stool. Another important point to consider is the feature of your outdoor bar stools, i.e., if your outdoor bar stools are designed with outdoor cushion padding, the outdoor cushions effectively changes the height of your seats. Confirm the dimensions before placing your order.


Ensure the manufacturer’s warranty applies, especially for outdoor bar stools that will be used for commercial purposes.


Most outdoor bar stool frames are designed and crafted in aluminum, teak, or synthetic resin. An aluminum furniture frame finish gives a sleek and modern style, whereas teak patio frames give a classical and traditional feel. Aluminum patio furniture frames are strong, lightweight and moving the seat around is effortless. Synthetic resin or wicker (SolWeave®) furniture frames are stylish and contemporary. Most synthetic resin/SolWeave® wicker frames are constructed on durable, cast aluminum patio frames. All of the materials will need the proper care and simple maintenance, following the manufacturer’s care tag and instructions.


Select whether you would like armrests, backrests, cushions, sling, swivel or stationary outdoor bar stools. The style effects the measurement and spacing of your outdoor bar stools or counter stools. Outdoor bar stools are an average of 30-inches in height and outdoor counter stools are an average of 26-inches in height.


Colours are more personal-related. Select the best matching colours that goes perfectly with the colour and material of your outdoor bar table or mood/feel of your company’s brand image. Have a colour palette in hand against an outdoor bar stool frame if selecting an outdoor cushion or patio sling colours. Here is a link for colour inspirations: https://www.pinterest.ca/cabanacoast/outdoor-living/

We hope these key points help you choose the right outdoor bar stools that are suitable for your outdoor bar design.