The allure of teak as an outdoor furniture material convinces many customers every day to choose teak outdoor furniture for their gardens. This kind of outdoor furniture is perfect for the garden because of its natural look and feel. Your teak chairs feel like they grew right out of the ground just for you to sit on. CabanaCoast offers highly durable teak-look garden furniture made of cast aluminum. These pieces offer the gorgeous appearance of teak patio furniture, but are much easier to maintain, and are extremely strong and long-lasting. But how does one spruce up a good set of teak garden furniture? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cushions. Comfortable water resistant cushions will work well with teak furniture. Try light colors, or mix and match coordinating bright shades. Cream or beige will match the teak’s natural color well, but bright shades of lime green, red and orange will create a focal point in your outdoor space. Cushions can add a dimension of style and comfort to your teak garden furniture. Cushions are a necessary accessory to any set of teak furniture.
  • End tables and coffee tables. Smaller teak tables can make a great garden furniture set up. While many customers like large teak tables made for outdoor meals and cocktail parties, a well-placed end table is a convenient place to store that ice cold drink you’ve been enjoying all day. Portable teak end tables are also popular for decks or even boats because they are so durable and resistant to the elements. Add accent tables or serving tables to your garden ensemble. The lighter color and texture of the teak will not draw the attention from the main furniture set while and will still contribute to the overall look of your outdoor entertainment area.
  • Stools. Teak-look stools are an excellent accessory to a fabulous teak garden furniture set. With their sturdy construction and resistance to the elements, teak stools can be added to your outdoor collection with ease. They can be very comfortable to perch upon and offer extra seating for when you invite friends and family over. Well-made and cared for cast aluminum teak stools will last a very long time due to their strong construction and durable material.

For the best in teak garden furniture and accessories, visit Cabana Coast. We have a wide selection of cast aluminum teak furniture and accessories to help you create a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor space.