benchAs you build your beautiful backyard oasis, it pays to pay attention to the little details.  Some of the smallest items can make a huge impact when creating a peaceful and relaxing outdoor space.  A garden bench or two can offer the perfect place to perch yourself after a long day’s work, but don’t let your benches stand alone.  There are ways to accessorize your garden bench that can say big things about your style and personality.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Fluffy Stuff.  Even the most beautiful garden bench doesn’t necessarily come with built-in comfort.  To remedy an uncomfortable situation, look for cushions and pillows to fill your comfort void.  To boast a big personality, go with stripes and loud solids.  If you’re looking for more neutral tones that go with everything, those are available, too.  Of course, you can always cover the neutrals with colorful cases when the mood strikes you.
  • Stand by Your Plant.  Plant stands come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors these days.  They can be useful for displaying a plethora of plants that come in a range of species, or you can allow them to create a safe haven for your favorite flowers.  In any case, a plant stand can offer you the optimal accessory for your garden bench, bringing it from cold and lifeless to bright and lively with a few blooms of the petals.
  • Increase Your Overhead.  In a business setting, this is the last thing you’ll probably ever hear.  However, at home, increasing your overhead takes on a whole new meaning.  Patio umbrellas offer an excellent accessorizing option.  Do not just think “inclement weather” when you think of umbrellas.  In fact, these awesome overhead items are the perfect accompaniment for super sunny days.  They’ll help you fight the brilliant rays of sun that beam from the sky while keeping your outdoor space at a more livable temperature when the thermometer starts to soar.  Coming in all kinds of colors and patterns, they’re built to fit any personal style and preference.
  • Cool Carts.  Chances are, if you’re hanging out outside, it’s going to get a little hot.  Enjoying the warm summer days on your garden bench gets a little easier when you have a Chorus Party Cooler on deck.  This fashionable feature functions as a way to keep the party right at your guests’ fingertips, which means less traffic inside the house and more cold, enjoyable food and beverages right at all the action.
  • Wicker Wheels.  Let’s face it; catering to a big group of people can be fun, but it can also be an overwhelming experience that’s hard to keep up with.  A Chorus Tea Cart can, of course, cart your tea around, but it can also do much more.  This little accessorizing vessel is awesome for group gatherings because it easily brings food, drink, and much more from one place to another without pulling a muscle in the meantime.  Before you employ a team of folks to help you cart your food and drinks around, consider accessorizing your garden bench with a utilitarian set of wicker wheels that will happily do the job for you.
  • Basket Boxes.  Nights get chilly, and kids have toys.  There’s always a need for storage space.  Patio bins are built to handle the outdoors beautifully while they keep all of your stuff safe, sound, and readily accessible.

Are you in the process of planning your perfect backyard retreat?  Contact our team at CabanaCoast, and let us help you accessorize your yard with the perfect garden bench and patio furniture!