Is it time to buy patio furniture? Although the patio set may be your treasured piece of furniture, some outdoor pieces are not meant to be kept long term. Maybe you received the patio set from a beloved family member. Maybe you hate to buy anything new. When you notice the following signs, it is time to buy patio furniture.

1. The patio set is starting to break apart

This is probably the most obvious sign that it is time to buy patio furniture. For instance, you may notice the wood is rotting. Unfortunately wood patio furniture tends to rot after a long period of time. After the furniture starts rotting, it falls apart and it could cause injuries to your guests.

If you have metal patio furniture, you may notice rust is everywhere. Rusty, squeaking chairs are not only an eyesore, they are also a health hazard. Even if the furniture shows no obvious signs of rust, the bolts and nuts holding metal or non-metal patio furniture can cause a safety problem.

Unfortunately, any time patio sets sit too long in the rain, mold and mildew can start growing in its seat cushions.

2. The patio set defines your past furniture style

It is not uncommon for homeowners to change their style. Maybe you like traditional patio furniture styles. However, over the years your furniture style changed. Now you prefer more contemporary styles. Instead of cringing every time you see your patio set or entertain guests, you should buy patio furniture that represents you current furniture style.

3. The patio set does not match the rest of your home’s décor

This is often an obvious sign that your current patio furniture needs to be replaced. Your house may have undergone renovation. The exterior colors of your home may clash with your patio set. You may have moved into a new place and your furniture no longer complements your floor plan or home’s design.

4. The patio set looks old

Some patio sets are antiques. These are nice pieces that are collectors’ items. If your patio set does not fit into this category, then you want to replace it. Of course the term old is subjective. It could mean that you purchased the patio set 10 years ago or it looks like furniture from a 1970s movie.

5. The patio set cannot be refurbished

A lot of Canadians are into refurbishing patio sets to give them a second life and keep them around longer. A major sign that it is time to buy new patio set is when updating the furniture is not an option. It’s not that you do not want to give the set a new look. Instead, the furniture will not benefit from being refurbished.

Sometimes it is easy to tell when your patio furniture needs to be replaced. The cushions are uncomfortable, there is rust, mold or damage. Other times the signs are subtle. The patio set may not match your furniture tastes anymore. For instance, the patio set you purchased as a young professional is not what you like now. Remember that buying new patio furniture can be an amazing experience when you browse Cabana Coast. It has a variety of patio furniture and patio sets that will fit your tastes and function needs. Visit Cabana Coast to start the process of selecting and buying the right patio furniture.