Today is expected to be the very last day to enjoy the summery temperatures of this year. Being outdoors is the best way to take advantage before the weather changes. While it may feel like an abrupt transition from hot to cooler temperatures, but following these steps could help you be prepared to face the cool harvest season with its upcoming festivity and pumpkin-themed decors.

Take a walk!

Taking a walk outside for at least 20-minutes improves your overall health and balance, boosts your mood and helps to soak up some vitamin D.


Listen to the gentle drift of the leaves and the birds sing and rejuvenate through physical meditation. Yoga on your patio is the perfect therapy for balance and strength as you breathe in fresh air. Take advantage of the warm outdoor weather as much as you can before the chilled months begin.

Read a book

“Feed your head” with new information. The fascinating characters and plot weaving through the narrative improves both memory and thinking skills. Reading a chapter will help you feel accomplished and productive. Pick a book you’ve always been curious to read, sit back on a patio deep seating with your feet on an outdoor ottoman, and dedicate a couple minutes to read a few chapters or finish the whole book. It’s a great tranquil entertainment to replenish your soul.

Prepare your Thanksgiving list

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving feast, write a schedule to organize your preparation so everything goes to plan on the day of the special gathering. Bookmark recipes, plan entertaining activities and think creatively with plating and decorations. An organized schedule helps you to stay relaxed on this busy day and enjoy the event with the good crowd you’re lucky to have! Here are some Thanksgiving inspirations, which include beautiful outdoor decorations and outdoor centerpieces, as well as recipes.


What are you going to accomplish today?

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