Haven CTYour outdoor space should serve as an oasis that welcomes you home after the day or week is done.  It needs to reflect a certain style and personality that’s all your own, but it should also have furniture that offers utilitarian function in addition to having complimenting fashion.  As you compile items that will help you build a beautiful space, make sure you have an outdoor coffee table on the list.

Here are just a few reasons why an outdoor coffee table is the perfect complement to outdoor entertaining spaces:

  • Style.  Let’s start with the obvious reason: Style.  Every entertaining event needs a good conversation starter to help guests break the ice, and the right outdoor coffee table can accomplish this task without any effort needed from you at all.  While some designs are more simple and traditional in nature, others are complex and modern in feel.  When placed just right in an outdoor space, these subtle pieces of furniture can speak volumes.  The more interesting the table is, the more you can expect to be asked where you got it, so be ready for ice-breaking conversations to begin in the form of compliments about your furniture selection.
  • Convenience.  Have you ever been to a party where there isn’t enough convenient temporary storage space to go around?  If you’ll be somewhere for any length of time, the last thing you want is to be obligated to hold your food and drinks in your hands all night, but in many cases, this is exactly what happens.  When you’re planning to have people over, an outdoor coffee table may save you the embarrassment of a lack of convenience to your guests.  The addition of even a single smooth surface can increase the comfort level of your guests exponentially.  They’ll be able to place their food and drinks without worrying about kids or critters getting into them, and that’s always a party plus.
  • Storage.  As the day turns to evening, the temperatures will fall.  When you’re entertaining people, you want to be seen as welcoming and accommodating.  What better way to showcase your hospitality than by having blankets and throws ready for chilly guests?  If you’ve experienced this problem in the past, consider looking for an outdoor coffee table that comes complete with built-in storage.  Before people arrive, fill it full of blankets, sweatshirts, or anything else your friends and family might find useful later in the evening.  Thanks to your table, you’ll have a solution right at your fingertips, so you can easily accommodate your guests’ needs without leaving the action.  Your preparedness will most certainly not go unnoticed.
  • Community Involvement.  There are parties where everybody seems to be distantly held at various corners of the space, and there are those where everybody seems to congregate in a single spot, sharing stories and laughing about past experiences.  It may sound funny at first, but most of those more enjoyable experiences probably took place around a table.  Think about it. Inside the home, the kitchen is almost always the communal gathering place.  Doesn’t it only make sense that your outdoor space would have enhanced community experiences with the facilitation of a table?  The combination of convenience and style makes an outdoor coffee table the perfect place for people to come together and share in your entertaining experience.  As your guests arrange themselves on the furniture surrounding the table, they’ll create a closeness, which otherwise may have not even existed.

At CabanaCoast, we have an outdoor coffee table to fit nearly every personality and style.  Check out our outdoor coffee table selection today!