patio-dining-setWalking around a neighborhood, you may think that there are only a few kinds of balcony furniture. Often people think that they are limited in what they can get, but really, you are only as limited as you allow yourself to be. However, there are a few factors to keep in common when you start shopping for your balcony furniture.


If you want to be able to take a nice romantic meal or even just enjoy a night cap or morning coffee on your balcony, you need to have a table and chairs to set the mood. Bistro sets or smaller pedestal style tables provide the perfect fit for the size restrictions of a balcony, while still looking elegant and modern. There are wicker tables and chairs, metal, stone, and wood to help you create the right feel.

Make sure you know where you will store this nice dining set before you make your final purchase. If storage is a potential problem, consider furniture that can weather the tougher seasons.


Many of the same kinds of lounging furniture are available for balconies that you can get for patios. The thing to keep in mind is that space tends to be a limiting factor for a balcony. You want to be able to comfortably lounge without having bars and walls in the way. You also have to keep in mind that you will have to get the lounging equipment out onto your deck, which is a bit more challenging than a deck, porch, or patio. Make sure you take measurements before you make your final purchase.

Cozy Seating

Balconies are often used as a place to sit and reflect. Balconies offer a little place where you can hide away from the activities of the day (or your family) and have some time alone. If this sounds like how you plan to use your balcony, there are a number of different chairs and seats to meet your needs. If you have a small space, there are plenty of wicker chairs and rockers that can help you get comfortable and enjoy some quiet time outside. If you have a bit more space and want to be able to curl up with a good book, consider a small love seat or couch for your balcony.

No seating area is complete without a side table or coffee table. Having somewhere to put your drink or technology makes it easier to be outside for longer periods of time. You can also get an ottoman or other footrest so that you can really spread out and get comfortable.


No matter how small or large your balcony is, odds are you will need to store your furniture in the winter. Caring for your furniture is equally important, so if you do not have a lot of time or you have to leave your balcony furniture outside year round, you will want to get something made of a material that is low maintenance.

If you would like more details on different types of furniture and what is best for you situation, contact us. Our experts can help you find the right furniture to fit your space without sacrificing the atmosphere or comfort.