If your backyard patio deck feels like it is crammed for space, sometimes it is better to build out than build in. This is especially true if you plan on hosting a few backyard parties this year. Too often, we ignore the fact that the patio is really the focal point of all backyard activities.


Have you ever heard the notion that everything has a purpose? Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of furniture. To explain, the functionality of patio furniture is central for many reasons, but the most important is accommodation. Be mindful that the comfort of guest generally equate to exceptional backyard parties!

It behooves many of us that the aesthetics of a party are associated with furniture placement and color. And this belief is no more true than for the individuals who have minimal yard space. So if you have a good eye for color and special disposition you can make your patio perfect for any outdoor occasion.

Outward Diversification

It is no secret that interior and exterior design is leaps and bounds ahead of what it was a couple mere decades ago. These days, furniture arrangement is referred to by fancy terms with elaborate names. Furthermore, the shapes and angles of furniture are just as essential for patio setups as it is for the living room. To express at greater length, a rectangular table may be better suited for enabling more space, than a square or round table at times. In theory, there are plenty of contributing factors that are vital for a comfortable outdoor living habitat.

Whether it is the kitchen, bedroom, or deck, furniture arrangement can have everything to do with one’s peace of mind during backyard events. One of the more innovative approaches to maximizing the space you may have includes linear and perimeter placement, in lieu of centrally locating furnishings. These particular approaches incorporate the ability to strategically arrange items horizontally, or close to walls in order to make extra room.

S-to-the 3rd Power

Since the appearance of the living area is dependent on furniture placement, it requires a sharp eye for the obvious. So if you are not cut out for the job of visionary, hopefully you know an artistic individual to help you out! Regardless if the objective is to complete an interior or exterior plan, an eye for fashion is key in design. From tables to chairs, textures, colors, patterns, and other features have a purpose in furniture arrangement. Now when it applies to the patio, the 3-S (size, shape and space) methodology is often warranted. To elaborate, the conception of size, shape, and space when organizing furniture often infers to room and accessibility. In other words, how you arrange patio furniture can greatly affect the convenience or inconvenience of guests.

Case in point: Improperly situated furniture on a small patio deck, could inhibit the mobility of guests, so moving items may be logical. By simply relocating your patio furniture ever so slightly a few inches here and there, could make all of the difference at your next backyard event.

Ultimately, your outdoor furniture setup should appeal to you first and foremost. But if you are trying to make a lasting impression on your guest, you should seek the opinion of friends and/or professionals in order to attain the most inviting look for your patio. With that said, go make your neighbors jealous by delivering the best backyard parties around!