As the weather turns warmer, you are going to start envisioning your outdoor area. Whether you have a patio, front yard or backyard space, you want it to look stunning—or at least better than your neighbors! However, you may have a problem: too much outdoor stuff. Never fear. You have many creative outdoor storage solutions to keep your outdoor space looking great.

Keep Things Creative by Going Traditional
Outdoor cushion storage boxes are ideal for anyone who wants “hide” items on their patio with an attractive and durable storage solution. For instance, the Cabana Coast Patio Cushion Box is water resistant with an aluminum frame. The cushion box has lots of room for all your outdoor accessories. The hinged top allows you to store bulky items like books, garden tools and potting soil. Cabana Coast also offers an extra-large version of the storage box.

A Tea Cart Doubles as Outside Storage
Tea carts are for more than serving tea or food when entertaining guests. When used creatively, it can double as outside storage options. Tea carts make storing items so much easier because you do not have to constantly move your belongings from one place to another. Instead, you can just roll the cart to its next destination. You can place items on the cart that you frequently use. For example, the Chorus Tea Cart by Cabana Coast is great outside storage option. It is a modern wicker styled cart made with aluminum frame.

Why Not Plant It?
Maybe you like to show off your creative side with unusual outdoor storage areas. Well, instead of using baskets as storage, use planters. Yes, planters. They are large enough to hold a lot of items. For instance, Cabana Coast has a variety of planters ranging from 13 to 19 inches. They are constructed with an aluminum frame and wicker design. What makes planters great for outside storage is that they are multi-functional. You could even place a glass lid on them so they can double as a table.

Your outdoor patio, porch or backyard does not have to look cluttered. You can have plenty outside storage that can add beautiful and personality to any area. For help with your storage solutions or outdoor furniture needs, contact Cabana Coast. We have furniture and storage ideas that will work in any outdoor space.