6 Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Planning the transformation of your outdoor space could be quite challenging, but the little details create the big picture. Regardless of the size of your patio/garden/balcony or the shape of your patio furniture, these simple and creative ideas will help you transform your outdoor space into a peaceful getaway.

Patio Blinds/Patio Shades

Privacy is an expensive commodity. Enjoying your outdoor space with privacy can be impossible if you live in the city. Patio blinds or outdoor privacy screens create a more personal space, and are great for shades, protecting you and your guests from the cold breeze in the winter and the scorching sun in the summer. Patio shades also protect your patio furniture from the UV rays and damp weather, extending the life of your patio furniture.

Zen Garden

A Zen garden consists of a sandpit or a sand-filled glass bowl with smooth stones, grass and small natural plants. The sand patterns are raked into a rippling water design, which gives a soothing expression and a relaxing atmosphere.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting options are endless. Outdoor lighting creates a beautiful and comforting atmosphere for a small outdoor space or a large outdoor space. Select the outdoor lights that perfectly go with your patio furniture. Extend your evening with beautiful gold string lights hanging around a pergola or patio shade, and enjoy your glass of wine at an outdoor space that reminds you of Italy’s patio restaurants. Or choose the right outdoor chandelier or large outdoor lamp to create a sense of the French influence.


If you have a balcony, place large stylish pots popped with lush trees and plants with bright flowers. If you have a garden in your backyard, decorate with lush plants and flowers along with a garden bench or other suitable patio furniture.

Patio Furniture

There are endless options of stunning patio furniture that include outdoor sofas, outdoor sectionals, outdoor chaise lounges, patio tables, outdoor fire pits and more to complement your outdoor space. Small outdoor spaces reasonably require small patio furniture, along with plants and outdoor lights to give your outdoor space a charm of comfort. Cast aluminum patio furniture and sling patio furniture are great for the modern look. Larger outdoor spaces allow bigger patio furniture collections, such as wicker patio furniture and teak patio furniture, which are great for upgrading your outdoor space.

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Outdoor Holiday Party Decoration: “Home Alone 2” Theme Inspiration

Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics shown (clockwise) in Wyndham Wheat, Glacier, and Loft Crimson.

The time of Christmas joy, warm gatherings and festive decorations sparkle the last month of the Gregorian calendar year. December is the most fun month to design your outdoor space and take your interior design skills to a different level. We use Kevin McAllister’s suite at the New York Plaza Hotel from the “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York” movie for patio decorating inspiration.

Outdoor Decoration

Begin with the arrangement of your patio furniture and consider adding an outdoor fire pit to create a classic and perfect ambiance. Adding an outdoor bar stool is a plus! With an outdoor bar stool, you can create an outdoor snacks bar so your family and friends won’t monitor the kitchen!

Inspired from the Christmas decoration above the fireplace in Kevin’s Plaza Hotel suite:

  • Dress the deck with evergreen garlands and gold string lights with candles inside large mason jars on each corner for a chic display.
  • Hang tartan patterned Christmas stocking stuffers below the outlined Christmas garlands.
  • Place small evergreens popped in orchard baskets or galvanized tubs.
  • Use Poinsettia flowers for the outdoor decoration.
  • Add Nutcracker figurines on your decorated patio table or Nutcracker statues beside your patio door entrance.
  • Add a Christmas garland arch and gold string lights hanging above your patio entrance or walkway, and place a red outdoor mat for a welcoming grand entrance to the ‘Plaza Hotel’.
  • Cover the patio table with an outdoor white table cloth to resemble the hotel’s room service table.
  • Pop a light pink rose in a slender glass vase with scattered tea light candles on the outdoor bar table and patio table for the luxury touch.
  • Lastly, the most important symbol from the movie are friendship turtle dove ornaments! Place the turtle dove ornaments with your centerpiece on the patio table or on your Christmas tree.

Holiday Colours

Spread more joy of the holiday spirit by decorating your patio furniture with red and green outdoor throws or outdoor blankets and outdoor pillows. Other outdoor fabric ideas for holiday colours and holiday patterns, inspired from the lobby of the New York Plaza Hotel scene and Kevin’s suite scene, are:

Reds: Sunbrella Accord II Crimson, Sunbrella Astoria Sunset, Sunbrella Dupione Crimson, Sunbrella Loft Crimson, and Sunbrella Harwood Crimson.

Greens: Sunbrella Loft Turquoise, Sunbrella Green, Sunbrella Dupione Deep Sea, and Sunbrella Meander Shamrock.

Festive Snacks

An outdoor snacks bar is a fun and unique way to have your family and friends enjoy and socialize on your outdoor space. We have a list of delicious snacks and fancy desserts inspired from scenes filmed in the Plaza Hotel’s suite.

From the movie: Cheese pizza, chocolate mousse cake, mousse in a glass, strawberries, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate syrup.

Other great Christmas snacks: Hot chocolate, candy canes, gingerbread cookies, caramel corns, white chocolate barks, chocolate cherry clusters, Santa’s cookies in a jar.

Merry Music

Get the liveliness of the holiday spirit going with classical music! A great way to connect with the “Home Alone 2” theme, other than the outdoor decoration, is the movie’s music playlist!


Tip: Use fake snow on your evergreen trees and outdoor decoration to transform your backyard into a winter wonderland!

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Patio Furniture Focus: A Glance At Our New Patio Furniture For 2018 and BDNY 2017 Highlights

Yellow cabs, statement heels and fine suits–these are the few, glamorous things you will find in New York City. CabanaCoast had the opportunity to proudly present some of the new 2018 patio furniture collection at the Boutique Design New York Trade Fair 2017 in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, a four-level iconic structure and the busiest convention centre on the West side of Manhattan last weekend. We featured our favourites for display and the results were truly overwhelming!

The Millcroft 72″ x 24″ Patio Bar Table

The architecture of the patio bar table grew so much popularity, especially for those who seek to design condominium balconies and patio coffee shops. Designers love the idea that the legs are constructed under the very corners of the patio bar table, allowing more legroom and more seating. The Millcroft 72″ x 24″ patio bar table creates a fancy ambiance for condominium occupants, giving an enjoyable experience viewing the city lights with a glass of wine, and builds a community for casual coffee shop visitors, giving the comfort in making new friends over a cup of creamy lattés. The construction of the Millcroft collection design is created in cast aluminum, which is a heavy and strong structure, avoiding movement. The Millcroft 72″ x 24″ Patio Bar Table is designed in two finishes: Dark Rum and White.

The Outdoor Swing Counter Bar Stool

The structure of the outdoor counter bar stool drew attention with its Sunbrella® outdoor sling fabrics and strong cast aluminum patio frames. The Swing counter bar stools was showcased with the Millcroft 72″ x 24″ patio bar table, which is a perfect combination, creating an engaging community. The Swing patio furniture design does not require the need for outdoor cushions, as the fabric offers excellent seating comfort. The Swing counter bar stools create a stylish look, giving an enjoyable outdoor dining experience on the balcony, by the pool, or a beach restaurant & bar. Like the Millcroft patio bar table, the Swing patio furniture is designed in cast aluminum frames that avoid the patio furniture from being toppled from the wind. The Swing Counter Bar Stool is designed in two replaceable outdoor sling fabrics: Augustine Pewter and Sailing Seagull.

The Kensington Teak Patio Furniture

The design of the teak patio furniture surprised visitors with its natural-like appearance frames. The faux wood frames needs no maintenance, other than a general light cleaning. Designers found the custom outdoor cushions very comfortable, and the SolTeak® frames remarkably looking and feeling like wood. The SolTeak® patio furniture is made of MGP (Marine Grade Polymer) that withstands harsh weather conditions and maintains its wood-like appearance. The Kensington teak patio furniture creates a classic and contemporary setting for decks, beaches, and resorts. The Kensington teak patio furniture is designed in two frames: SolTeak® Natural and SolTeak® Weathered.

The Mesa Outdoor Fire Pit

The design of the Mesa Outdoor Fire Pit was taken to a different approach and viewers found the structure a true gem. The Mesa Outdoor Fire Pit creates a luxurious and beautiful ambiance for community settings, such as resorts, bar lounges and residential backyards. The Mesa Outdoor Fire Pit is designed in two colours: Dark Rum and Slate.

These displayed patio furniture favourites had phenomenal compliments from visitors during the BDNY Trade Fair Exhibition 2017. Stay tuned for more new patio furniture designed for the 2018 Collection.

Your Need-to-Know Guide Before Buying An Outdoor Bar Stool

Outdoor bar stools strike an exceptional modern style into any pattern on your outdoor dining or outdoor kitchen. Whether the patio furniture setting is at your home or your business, you can choose either residential or commercial grade outdoor counter bar stools. With many beautiful choices of outdoor bar stools, we provide some important points to help narrow down in choosing the perfect outdoor bar stools for your home or business.

Measurement and Spacing

Select the appropriate height and width of your counter bar stool. The width determines on how many people you choose to be seated at the bar or counter. Industry recommended minimum space are measured in the 26-30 inch range between the centers of the counter bar stools. The size may be a little further if the design of the counter bar stools have swivel backs or arm rests. At this point, you would be able to determine how many people can be seated at the patio bar. An outdoor corner seating for a restaurant patio bar or pub patio table are undesired.

As for the height, measure the height of your outdoor bar or counter table from the floor to the underside of your bar top to determine the proper height of your counter bar stool. Another important point to consider is the feature of your outdoor bar stools, i.e., if your outdoor bar stools are designed with outdoor cushion padding, the outdoor cushions effectively changes the height of your seats. Confirm the dimensions before placing your order.


Ensure the manufacturer’s warranty applies, especially for outdoor bar stools that will be used for commercial purposes.


Most outdoor bar stool frames are designed and crafted in aluminum, teak, or synthetic resin. An aluminum furniture frame finish gives a sleek and modern style, whereas teak patio frames give a classical and traditional feel. Aluminum patio furniture frames are strong, lightweight and moving the seat around is effortless. Synthetic resin or wicker (SolWeave®) furniture frames are stylish and contemporary. Most synthetic resin/SolWeave® wicker frames are constructed on durable, cast aluminum patio frames. All of the materials will need the proper care and simple maintenance, following the manufacturer’s care tag and instructions.


Select whether you would like armrests, backrests, cushions, sling, swivel or stationary outdoor bar stools. The style effects the measurement and spacing of your outdoor bar stools or counter stools. Outdoor bar stools are an average of 30-inches in height and outdoor counter stools are an average of 26-inches in height.


Colours are more personal-related. Select the best matching colours that goes perfectly with the colour and material of your outdoor bar table or mood/feel of your company’s brand image. Have a colour palette in hand against an outdoor bar stool frame if selecting an outdoor cushion or patio sling colours. Here is a link for colour inspirations: https://www.pinterest.ca/cabanacoast/outdoor-living/

We hope these key points help you choose the right outdoor bar stools that are suitable for your outdoor bar design.

How to Clean Sling Patio Furniture

The sling patio furniture offered on our website are engineered with Sunbrella® sling fabrics. Sunbrella® sling fabrics are manufactured in its highest quality of design and functionality, which needs general care and light maintenance. We share some helpful tips in keeping your sling patio furniture looking at their best.

1. Check your product’s care tag!

Refer to our maintenance care guide to help cleaning certain stains off your patio furniture.

2. Cleaning Tools

Brush off loose dirt using a feather duster and use a soft white cloth or tooth brush to rub off the toughest residue or debris. Allow the mild cleaning solution to soak into the sling fabric. Make sure the detergent does not fade the colour of your sling fabric.

3. Regular Maintenance

  • Dust off outdoor elements on your sling patio furniture regularly to prevent the build up of dirt and grime.
  • Keep your sling chairs under a cover when not in use.

4. Arms and Frame

  1. Clean with a soft white cloth damped with a mild detergent and warm water.
  2. Rinse the aluminum arms and frames with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.
  3. If you are using outdoor furniture paste wax to shine or remove scuffs, carefully follow the paste wax’s instructions. Gently rub the wax in circular motions using a clean white cloth. Avoid getting the wax on the sling fabric. Buff the frame in circular motions with another clean cloth.

5. Cleaning Solution Guide

Recommended by Sunbrella®, we share a cleaning solution guide to help remove some tough stains on sling patio furniture in the link below. After following the methods, rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Set-in stains may require professional cleaning.

Sunbrella® Sling Fabric Cleaning Solution Guide: https://cdn.glenraven.net/sb2016/pdf/care-and-cleaning/stain-chart-guide-sunbrella-fabrics-en-us.pdf

Following these simple steps should help ease the cleaning methods in removing debris from your sling outdoor furniture.


How To Choose An Outdoor Chaise Lounge That Is Right For You

Outdoor chaise lounges provide plenty of functions, including great comfort and unique style. The uniqueness creates a sophisticated and versatile look on your outdoor space. These types of outdoor chairs are perfect by the swimming pool or with your patio furniture on the deck or backyard. If you are looking to add a touch of class to your patio furniture, adding an outdoor chaise lounge is the perfect option. We share some thoughts to consider in helping you choose an outdoor chaise lounge that is right for you.


Outdoor chaise lounges are a combination of a club chair and an ottoman. This uniqueness in a single piece gives a classic and contemporary touch, offering a perfect relaxation zone.


Choose the coordinating model and colour of the outdoor chaise lounge that looks best on your patio, and blends with the rest of your patio furniture. Outdoor chaise lounges offers a sophisticated style on your patio.

Great Comfort

Unlike other outdoor chairs, outdoor chaise lounges has its unique benefits. Outdoor chaise lounges allow you to adjust yourself in different ways, sitting and laying comfortably, as well as the freedom to stretch out and unwind. Most outdoor chaise lounges do not require the need for outdoor cushions as they come in outdoor sling fabric for a sense of perfect comfort.


Outdoor chaise lounge chairs, especially models in aluminum, give a clean and modern look that are easy to maintain.


Outdoor chaise lounges can easily be placed virtually anywhere. Its lightweight size is a great advantage to easily place the outdoor chaise lounge wherever you are comfortable. For warm temperatures, outdoor chaise lounges are perfect for basking under the sun, reading a book or a space to think. When temperatures get cold, outdoor chaise lounge chairs will also look great indoors. Simply place a throw or cushion to blend with your indoor space.


Enjoy the sun or watch the stars with your perfect outdoor chaise lounge.


Choosing The Right Outdoor Fire Pit

Trying to find the perfect outdoor fire pit? Outdoor fire pits make a beautiful addition to your outdoor space, creating the focal point of your backyard, an ambiance, and an outdoor escape. We share 7 important points on how to choose the right outdoor fire pit to ignite the social gathering.

1. Propane or Natural Gas

Propane comes in tanks, which means that you are free to move the focal point of your gathering to your preference. Natural gas outdoor fire pits require a gas line, which means that your outdoor fire pit would have to be stationary.

2. Shape

Select the right shape that goes together with your patio furniture. Outdoor fire pits come in square, round and rectangular models. Each shape has their benefits. For instance, a square is suitable for an outdoor lounge area surrounded by deep seating patio furniture. This creates an intimate 4 person seating. A circular model is ideal for curved seating patio furniture, whereas a rectangular model is suitable in front of an outdoor love seat or outdoor sofa.

3. Height

Select the appropriate height to your liking. Outdoor fire pits come in different dimensions. Before picking the outdoor fire pit, ensure that the height suits the social activities and your patio furniture. For instance, a short outdoor fire pit goes best for outdoor conversations with deep seating patio furniture, whereas a higher outdoor fire pit accommodates patio dining chairs and outdoor bar stools.

4. Finish/Style

Choose the best look and feel of the outdoor fire pit’s frame that goes perfectly with your patio furniture.

5. Select Table Top

Choose the best colour that blends with the colours of your patio furniture.

6. Select Fire Glass

Fire glass pieces give beautiful refractions of light, and are provided in different sizes and colours, such as Clear Ice, Brown Ice, and Clear Pebble. Pick the colour that suits best with the frame of your outdoor fire pit and your patio furniture.

7. Select Wind Barrier

Glass wind barriers offer a modern style, and especially, protects from the fire. When selecting a wind barrier, which is provided in glass, ensure that the size of the wind barrier frame matches the shape of your outdoor fire pit.


Outdoor fire pits come in many beautiful designs. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your own preference. Keeping these points in consideration should help your decision in choosing the right outdoor fire pit.


Ways to Use Your Outdoor Space in Autumn

There are many fresh ways to use your outdoor space as the cooler temperatures roll in. The weather today is the time when the crisp, fall foliage transforms your backyard into 50 shades of gold. We share some light to clear your end-of-summer blues, and stretch your fun on your very own outdoor space.

Patio Furniture

Modern patio furniture with outdoor cushions is elegantly designed to give you the utmost comfort, just like your indoor furniture–soft and snug. Add layers and keep comfortable. Throw fuzzy outdoor blankets and an outdoor rug, if you wish, to create a warm and welcoming touch.

It is advised to store your outdoor cushions inside when the weather is bad. Read more on how to keep your outdoor cushions in great shape all year round.


Having a framework gives advantages for your outdoor space. The surrounding framework not only gives your patio furniture a grand look. The framework allows you to install screens or outdoor curtains, which offers privacy, protection from cool blows of breeze in the winter, shade in the summer and gives your view. Retractable flyscreens are also a versatile way to keep insects away and enjoy your outdoor space. Make sure your outdoor curtains are a safe distance away from any open flames!


Outdoor fire pits provide a beautiful ambiance and keeps everyone warm and comfortable. The right outdoor fire pit will welcome you to your outdoor space despite the cooler temperatures. The patio tabletop designs come in a variety of colours that can easily be matched with your patio furniture and decorations. Adding an outdoor fire pit creates a relaxing space.

Outdoor Kitchen

For those who love to cook and entertain, take it to the next level by having an outdoor BBQ grill, pizza oven, bar or kitchen. Cooking on your patio keeps the smells outside and expands your living space. Warm food, hot drinks, and fun activities are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and encourage more quality time to be on your outdoor space and breathe fresh air.


Decor is an instant mood-setter. While days will be short and flowers have faded, gold lights and pumpkins are great to decorate. More outdoor cushions and blankets with complimenting colours of your patio furniture give the warm invitation to your family and guests.

Cover It

When snow is approaching, make sure you cover your great investments. Store your outdoor cushions inside, if possible, and keep everything else protected until the next year.


We hope you have the ultimate patio experience during this autumn!

Photo featured is a submission of the lucky winner’s Venice Outdoor Fire Pit from our #FireItUp contest! Be sure to follow our Instagram page for details about this image and to keep tabs on our next contest!

How to Keep Your Outdoor Cushions In Great Shape

Hiding that ketchup stain by flipping the outdoor cushion? Dirt, spills and stains are inevitable. Your patio furniture is exposed to environmental elements and will always require the proper care and high maintenance. We share some tips to help maintain your precious patio furniture looking at their best.

High Quality Fabric

Owning a high quality fabric, like Sunbrella® , are known to be fade-resistant and maintain its appearance for many years. Investing in a high quality outdoor fabric is easy to care for and helps you as a buyer to be worry-free. Also using quality outdoor covers protect your outdoor fabric from fading, moisture and dust.

Dust It Off

Use a damp white towel or a soft brush to dust off loose dirt at least once a week. It’s a gentle cleaning method without ruining the material and colour of your outdoor cushions. If you are removing a stain, use a mild detergent and refer to a stain removal guide before embarking on cleaning the outdoor fabric.

Wash and Dry

Most outdoor fabric casings are removable, which makes the outdoor fabric easier to clean. Wash the outdoor cushion casings in cold water and always dry flat. Tumble drying is not advised as it may cause shrinking to the material. The wrinkles of the outdoor fabric will smooth out when wrapped and zipped around the outdoor cushion. Use a mild detergent and carefully read the detergent guide before applying anything on the outdoor fabric.

Power Wash

Do a little research finding the right detergent for your outdoor cushion. Follow the steps of the detergent guide and power spray the outdoor cushions thoroughly to knock out the dirt and cleaning solution. Keep the outdoor cushions standing up on the edge to dry.


As much as we’d like to think that our pets don’t jump on the patio furniture, they take advantage while we’re not home. Eliminating pet fur can be tough and stubborn to get rid of as the strands seep through the outdoor fabric fibers. Lint rollers don’t always work best. The most effective way to remove fur is to vacuum the outdoor cushions. Vacuuming should be a regular maintenance of your outdoor cushions.

Keep Them Inside

During unfriendly patio seasons, bring your patio furniture in or at least your outdoor cushions as a patio furniture cover may not be enough during snowy days. Storing your patio furniture under a covered, dry space will lengthen the shape and appearance of the outdoor cushions, and protects your patio furniture from mildew and molds. If you do not have room to store your outdoor furniture, try stacking your patio furniture neatly.

4 Ways to Get Over the Weather Change

Today is expected to be the very last day to enjoy the summery temperatures of this year. Being outdoors is the best way to take advantage before the weather changes. While it may feel like an abrupt transition from hot to cooler temperatures, but following these steps could help you be prepared to face the cool harvest season with its upcoming festivity and pumpkin-themed decors.

Take a walk!

Taking a walk outside for at least 20-minutes improves your overall health and balance, boosts your mood and helps to soak up some vitamin D.


Listen to the gentle drift of the leaves and the birds sing and rejuvenate through physical meditation. Yoga on your patio is the perfect therapy for balance and strength as you breathe in fresh air. Take advantage of the warm outdoor weather as much as you can before the chilled months begin.

Read a book

“Feed your head” with new information. The fascinating characters and plot weaving through the narrative improves both memory and thinking skills. Reading a chapter will help you feel accomplished and productive. Pick a book you’ve always been curious to read, sit back on a patio deep seating with your feet on an outdoor ottoman, and dedicate a couple minutes to read a few chapters or finish the whole book. It’s a great tranquil entertainment to replenish your soul.

Prepare your Thanksgiving list

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving feast, write a schedule to organize your preparation so everything goes to plan on the day of the special gathering. Bookmark recipes, plan entertaining activities and think creatively with plating and decorations. An organized schedule helps you to stay relaxed on this busy day and enjoy the event with the good crowd you’re lucky to have! Here are some Thanksgiving inspirations, which include beautiful outdoor decorations and outdoor centerpieces, as well as recipes.


What are you going to accomplish today?

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